How to install Corrugated Roof and Benefits of it

Corrugated Roof is made of metal sheet. Corrugated Roof metal signature is the key to durable, yet light, features which makes it the perfect choice for many construction projects.

Installing Corrugated Roof:

• You need to know the number of metal roof panels by measuring the length of the roof ridge. To get the number of rows of metal sheets, divide the number by the average width of the metal sheet. Measure the length of the roof slopes to know how many columns of metal sheet will be required; divide this number up to 6. To get the number of corrugated panels, multiply the number of rows by the number of columns

• To know the number ridge caps you will need to measure the roof length on the roof edges and the ceiling. To find out the number of ridge caps, divide the number 6.

• To cover the ceiling is felt to cover the ceiling and approximately 5 to 7 inches are felt on the interior.

• Place the metal sheet on top of the roof by 2 inches above the edge of the ceiling. Use special nails to protect each corrugated metal sheet with washer. Place nails in the centre of the metal ridge where it bends away from the roof instead of the roof. Use 19 to 21 nails per sheet

• Place a second corrugated sheet next to the ridge with corrugated sheet overlapping rugs. Use the cluck between two overlapping corrugated sheets. Nail the sheet as the same for the first time and repeat the process until the line is over.

• Place the first Metal Roofing panel for the second row on the first sheet of the first row. The sheet should overlap the first line metal sheet with 6 inches. Place the sheet in place and repeat the process until all sheets are there. Each sheet should overlap the sheet on both the sheet and edge below.

• When all sheets are in place. Ridge line of roof with edges and ridge caps

Some of the different environmental benefits seen in the Corrugated Roof are:


Corrugated Roofs are usually made of different types of materials and can be made entirely of recycled material. Also, when metal roofs are abandoned, they do not worsen as compared to asphalt horns. Instead, they can be reused and reused for future use.


Generally, there is a life expectancy of about 40 to 60 years in the roof of the metal, in which some of the roofs run well.Comparatively, on the basis of home weather conditions, asphalt roof usually lasts for 12 to 20 years. Apart from this, some silk paper or fibre glass made from oil can be poisonous to the environment. Metal roof is a popular choice because they are not affected by weather or heat, and bear for years.

Energy efficiency:

The asphalt roof normally absorbs solar heat, there by trapping heat in the house. On the other hand, the metal roof reflects the heat during the summer months to save the cost of cooling the homeowner. However, if your home is located in a cold climate, the metal roof can also provide available solution. Through specially designed roof or painted surfaces, the metal roof can also absorb heat, thereby reducing heating costs in the house.


Generally, the roof of the metal Corrugated Roof is one-third of the roof weight, thereby causing less stress throughout the house. With very little weight, the house maintains less stress and stress with time, so you can save additional material costs over the years.

For people who invest in Corrugated Roofs, keep in mind that different types of corrugated roofs are available , each with their own properties and characteristics. Find out about the different types of needs to determine which is the best option for your home and uniquely.

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